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Полная версия: X-NetStat Pro 5.55
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X-NetStat Pro
Лицензия: shareware
Офф.сайт: http://www.freshsoftware.com/xns/pro/,
Платформа: Win95 (Winsock upgrade required), Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003

X-NetStat отображает информацию о ваших локальных и интернет соединениях в реальном времени.
Эти соединения устанавливаются каждый раз, когда вы заходите на web страницу, отсылаете
ICQ сообщение, проверяете почту и т.д. Также, соединение устанавливается, когда хакер
заходит на ваш компютер или седящий троян отсылает приватную информацию.
Так вот, при помощи X-NetStat детальная информация о ваших соединениях отображается в таблице,
включающей удалённое имя и IP-адрес, локальный и удалённые порты, статус соединения, программу,
использующую это соединение, как долго длилось соединение и т.д.
X-NetStat может тут же убить любое соединение, или копировать информацию о соединении в буфер.
В версии X-NetStat Pro добавлены функции близкие к функциям сетевого администратора.
Например, установка правил по которым происходят действия в зависимости от сетевых событий;
сервер, позволяющий удалённо получать XNS информацию; набор утилит сетевого слежения
(TraceRoute, WHOIS, Finger, DNS, Web Search, и т.д.)
В общем, это очень полезная программа для любого юзера, использующего локальную сеть или интернет.

Линк на закачку: http://www.freshsoftware.com/files/xns5p_setup.exe
X-NetStat Pro 5.12
Что нового:
+ Added IPConfig tools to Programs Button;
+ Can now use FTP:// and HTTP:// links in programs menu;
+ Can now use command line with parameters in programs menu;
+ Added Extended Kill feature (Blocking / Banning -> right click connection);
+ Added Bulk IP import tool to File menu;
+ Added SMTP Password field (beta);
+ New SMTP engine (beta);
+ Connection Table now updates after closing Options window;
+ Fixed ViewBar -> Connection Info showing wrong connection;
+ Fixed a couple more bugs from 5.11

X-NetStat Professional 5.2 Preview Release 1 beta
+ Added InfoPanel to hold Connection, Process, Port, Location and System Info
(Turn it on from View menu)
+ Added "System Info" panel
+ Added "Location Info" feature to do auto-WHOIS on a connection
+ Added Always On Top button to toolbar
+ Added "Minimize to ViewBar" toolbar button
You can now do an inverse filter ... that is, DON'T show connections that match the filter.
To use, prefix your filter with a % sign
For example: %localhost will hide all items with "localhost" in that column.
In the Local Port and Remote Port columns, you can now specify a range of ports to display.
To use, just put a dash between start port and end port.
For example: 3000-4000 will show connections using ports 3000 through 4000
+ Added Logs Main Menu.
+ Log Manager (Tools Menu)
+ Added "Get External IP Address" to Tools menu
+ Added "Check for Local IP & Hostname Changes" option (Extra Options)
+ Added "Dont Warn when Terminating or Restarting Processes" option (Extra Options)
+ Added Option for continuous repainting of Connection Table in Extra Options
+ Added "Memory Leak Protection" that restarts XNS every 24 hours (Beta versions only)
+ Added the much desired Process Trigger to the Rules System
+ Added "Recent Messages" window, activated when clicking on Tray Balloon Hint
+ Added "Automatic" to WHOIS in context menu
+ Added edit/clear cache to Tools menu
+ Added "DOS Commands" menu
+ Added Transmission Rate display in Status bar
+ Added "Show Recent Messages" to main menu
+ Added "Display NetBIOS Table" to file menu
+ Implemented "Events" display behavior in Options (Extra Options)
+ Implemented "Show port numbers with Shortnames"
* Added Connection "Events" ... Viewbar, Tray, etc
/// + Added Message Queue to viewbar -- no more application holdups upon new Events
+ Added Pause button to Viewbar (to pause Auto-Scroll)

X-NetStat Professional v5.2
X-NetStat Professional 5.3 Public Beta 2
Version 5.3 implements the #1 most requested feature: showing Bytes In/Out per connection, and also data transfer rates per connection. This is an extremely powerful and useful feature that appears to be working for the most part, but we are still testing it out to make sure everything runs properly before the public release (March or early April).
To activate this feature, you will need to click the new Sniffer button, circled in red. Also, the columns to display data rates are not turned on by default. You will need to click the View menu and check the appropriate items under Show Columns.

X-NetStat Professional 5.3 (1559975 Bytes, 02 May 2005 19:06:48 GMT)
X-NetStat Professional 5.3
X-NetStat Professional v5.3
X-NetStat Professional 5.31
Что нового:
-Monitor UDP activity
-New logging feature
-More hotkeys

X-NetStat Professional 5.31
X-NetStat Pro v5.31
X-NetStat Professional 5.31
X-NetStat Professional 5.32 (1583130 Bytes, 24 May 2005 23:39:36 GMT)

X-NetStat Professional 5.33
Что нового:
New in 5.33 is the feature to show program icons in the connection table itself,
and a new versatile toolbar.
Try docking it to the sides!
There are also over 10 other improvements

X-NetStat Professional 5.4 Preview Release 1
Что нового:
+ New & Improved Log Viewer!
- Calendar Feature - click the date to view a log
- Now shows lines & bytes for each log file
- Horizontal scrollbar is now on (OK?)
- Icon on toolbar for Log Viewer
- XNS no longer creates duplicate Log Viewer windows after clicking twice
- Search feature (forwards and backwards)
- Open file in Default Editor feature

+ New performance model: Possibly up to 50% reduction in CPU (needs testing)
- X-NetStat no longer repaints the connection table so much.
- In Advanced Options, you can now specify how often you repaints when the Packet Sniffer is on, Off.
- The defaults are 333ms and 1000ms, respectively.
+ Added "Ping" to context menu
+ UDP communication can now be logged (Options -> Logging)
+ New HTML Help Installer (Help Menu, please test it)
+ New XNS Online Help : =>http://www.freshsw.com/xns/pro/help
- Check out the online HTML manual...
+ Updated User's Manual (Log Viewer, Cheat Sheet)
+ Connection Table now has a default sort direction and displays it (Age)
+ Running a 2nd instance of X-NetStat will now activate the first!
so you can now use Ctrl-Alt-X to restore X-NetStat from the tray, or anywhere!
+ Added "Automatically Follow Referral Servers" checkbox to WHOIS
+ Google, Yahoo search now uses address of currently selected connection by default
+ Changed "status" order from Proto,State, Process to: Process,Proto,State in Connection Info
+ Renamed "Show Traffic in KB after 1000000 bytes" feature and fixed it
+ Double-Clicking bandwidth meters now bring up Packet Sniffer Options
+ FilterBar Funnel icon is now a Search icon
+ Added Hints/Tooltips to Process Info buttons
+ Toolbar gets back the border it lost in 5.33 !
+ WHOIS Info now reports status if it can't find whois server

*+ In setup, you can now specify to not create Start Menu icons (Do Not Create Shortcuts) (broken)
*+ You can now tell Packet Sniffer what specific IP address to sniff (Options) (possibly broken)

+ Made Connection Info Status description wider so it didn't wrap on long descriptions
+ Resized LookupTools WebSearch radio buttons
+ Got rid of the <00> that could appear near WorkGroups (System info)
+ Fixed bug: Start XNS with infopan minimixed, click connection, click "info" button, switch to WHOIS tab , NOTHING IS FILLED OUT!
+ Fixed Focus Query button staying when changing WHOIS searches
+ Fixed bug where using filterbar would hide sort direction icon
+ Fixed grammar on NetStats -> UDP
+ Fixed Programs coming with links to "F:" drive
+ Fixed Bandwidth settings not being kept
+ Fixed Default "ir" rule
+ Fixed annoying bug when turning columns on/off wouldn't work
+ Fixed taborder on all InfoPanel fields (except WHOIS, mucked up)_
+ Fixed bug in Auto-WHOIS Referral Server port selection
+ Fixed Main Menu > Connection > View Alert being disabled

X-NetStat Pro 5.41 [7/5/2005]
A small but cool update for X-NetStat: Ethereal support! To use, simply right-click any connection and choose "Watch address in Ethereal". X-NetStat will launch the network protocol analyzer and pass in the IP address to monitor.  If you are not already using this fabulous GPL program, get it for free from _www.ethereal.com

X-NetStat Pro 5.41 also fixes a potential bug when sending email notifications.

X-NetStat Professional 5.42 (1673682 Bytes, 13 Jul 2005 22:43:09 GMT)
X-NetStat Professional 5.43 [8/10/2005]
A new version is out, 5.43, that fixes an issue with the WebServer / Remote Access, and fixes the Automatically Resolve Hostnames option -- specifically, when it is off, it now displays IP addresses instead of hostnames like it should.

X-NetStat Professional 5.43
X-NetStat Professional 5.44 Beta 1 (8/22/2005)
At long last the program supports Windows XP themes & styles, giving it a snazzy new look.  Also two minor bugs were fixed in the WHOIS engine. This is a beta version to make sure there are no issues with the new Windows XP theming, the final 5.44 will be out this week.

X-NetStat Professional v5.44
X-NetStat Professional v5.44
X-NetStat Professional 5.45 (9/25/2005)
This update fixes a potential memory leak, and it is recommended that all users upgrade to this version.

X-NetStat Professional v5.45
X-NetStat Professional 5.46 (1784874 Bytes, 06 Nov 2005 23:57:58 GMT)

This update fixes a rare but important bug in the program, so all users should upgrade to this version. There's also new features:
+ Can now make rules based on a connection's upstream/downstream traffic rate
+ Added Group Policy results for current user (gpresult) to DOS Commands menu
+ Clicking "View Alert" for killed connections now displays a message
+ Process Info -> Open Containing Folder now also selects the program file in the folder
X-NetStat Professional 5.47
Что нового:
+ Memory Leak Protection improved: XNS can now restart itself by the minute (Advanced Options)
+ Rules: Bandwidth triggers are more precise, up to .001 KB/s
+ Programs Menu now accepts separator bars (set name = to "-")
+ Changed icon of Programs button
+ Fixed a bug in the Filter/Search bar (couldn't hide two terms without hiding all)
+ Rearranged Rule Summary text in options for better reading
+ Added "Add New Rule..." to Rules Menu (no need to go thru Options)
+ Can now right click a connection and Extended Kill/Make Rule -> Make Rule
+ Keyboard shortcut for Refresh is now F5
+ Ctrl-R now does Address Resolve (IP/Hostname)
+ XNS no longer does Pentium-safe FDIV division. People with Pentium chips 120MHz and below may experience incorrect calculations in the packet sniffer, but nobody really uses those slow chips anymore. Everyone else will have a slight performance boost.

X-NetStat Professional 5.48
Что нового:
+ Ctrl-Alt-X hotkey now brings X-NetStat out of the tray.
+ Fixed : New Connections were ALWAYS logged
+ Fixed : Potential bug when Splash Screen turned off
+ Fixed : Version-Check works again (domain change to freshsoftware.com)

X-NetStat Pro 5.48
X-NetStat Pro 5.49
+ WinPcap Sniffer finished. It is now loaded dynamically, and not required to run XNS
+ Sniffed TCP connections now instantly added to Connection Table, no refresh needed
+ Added Direction field & column: Shows who initiated connection
+ Added Google search to Context menu
+ Can now select and kill multiple connections
+ Can now choose background color of Connection Table!
+ Options window now has more space
+ Got rid of an ugly area around the connection table
+ Leaner EXE size, about 122KB smaller!
since beta 2...
+ Revamped the WHOIS interface
+ Improved WinPcap Packet Sniffer support
+ Added Ethereal plug-in setup instructions
+ Added Logging option: Date Stamp (LogRythem compatibility)
+ Web Server icon now shows the number of requests in tooltip
+ FIXED: Port names not shown on Connection Info panel


X-NetStat Professional v5.49c
What's new since 5.49b (5.49c)
+ Filter/Search Bar now saves filters (Extra Options)
+ Fix: Ultra-fast clicking of filter/search button crashes program
+ Fix: Program stops logging while Log Viewer is up
+ Added Log Viewer page to Options
+ Log Viewer can now auto-scroll to the bottom of each file
+ Log Viewer can now automatically update the currently viewed log in realtime or by timer
+ Sniffed TCP connections are now recognized properly
+ Changed "Trojans using port X" to "Potential Trojans using port X"
+ Added debug notice to the Packet Sniffer windows
+ Moved debug data to bottom of System Info
X-NetStat Professional v5.49d
X-NetStat Professional 5.5 Alpha 1
X-NetStat Professional 5.5 Beta 1
_http://www.freshsoftware.com/dev/xns55b1.exe (1900 Кб)

Latest Changes:
• Columns now save positions and width properly
• Added Net Shares, Net Sessions, and Net Files to DOS Commands menu
• Include Detail option for Web Server Report
X-NetStat 5.5 Beta 2b
+ New Rule Ability: Address Exceptions (IP Address must NOT contain)
+ Fixed a bug with custom fonts on the Connection Table in Windows Vista
+ Fixed a potential logging problem on Windows Vista
+ Improved stability
+ Minimize to Tray now Optional
+ Auto-detect administrator privileges
+ Log Viewer now at the top of Logs menu
+ Help link on Options window

X-NetStat Professional v5.5 (Final)
X-NetStat Professional v5.5 (Final)
X-NetStat Pro 5.55

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